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Web Design Web Design

SEO services for New York are designed to increase the visibility and searchability to deliver the high- quality traffic to your website. We help our clients with affordable and result-oriented SEO services.  We have a proven track record of improving the ranking of a website with effective execution of SEO tactics.

In addition to this, quality in content to make SEO campaign successful is emphasized from our end and makes online presence powerful with unique website pages, social media platforms, and blogs. Our SEO performance has brought us innumerable recognitions from clients followed by establishing a remarkable position in the SEO industry.

We will first check your website and see if there are any optimization required. We will give you a report or try a lite version of this version here. We also have other offline methods to fix its speed, ranking, and visibility on Google.

OUR SERVICES: We offer complete, integrated digital business and technology services solutions listed below:

More than just design We marry beauty and function. UI + UX Design = a digital lovemarks for your brand and website.

Desk or mobile: Reach your tribe wherever you go. One responsive design for their big screens and the palm of their hands.

Convert customers: B2B or B2C, we extend your brand to the shopping cart. We bring your online shop to life.

Create beautiful websites in html if you are someone looking for a personal website.

We also offer web hosting free for one year. Using our own server with 100% uptime.

Cpanel Control Panel
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Subversion Repository (SVN)
Server Side Includes (SSI)
PHP 7.3 Support
Full Unix Shell
IPv6 Support
Rails, Python, Perl Support
Access to Raw Log Files
Crontab Access
Full CGI Access
Canned CGI Scripts

If you're looking to setup an e-commerce shop. Then you might want to consider a CMS, or content management system, is a tool that allows you to manage your website’s content, independently. WordPress is flexible, highly customizable, user-friendly, and is a great content management system. This will allow you to add products and keep track of products and sell them effectively. We will guide you on how to setup and mange the shop.


$ 299 .99
  • 4 Pages - Home - About - Gallery - Contact
  • One Year of Free Hosting
  • HTML or Worpress Site
  • Responsive Websites for all Phone & Computer screen sizes
  • Lite SEO Optimization
  • Hosting after the year $1.99/month w/ Smooth Web Hosting


$ 499 .99
  • 5 Pages - Home - About - Services - Gallery - Contact
  • One Year of Free Hosting
  • HTML or Worpress Site
  • Responsive Websites for all Phone & Computer screen sizes
  • Lite SEO Optimization
  • Hosting after the year $5.97/month w/ Smooth Web Hosting


$ 699 .99
  • 5 Pages - Home - About - Products - Gallery - Contact
    Price is for upto 10 products. I will show you how to add more.
  • One Year of Free Hosting
  • HTML or Worpress Site
  • Responsive Websites for all Phone & Computer screen sizes
  • Lite SEO Optimization
  • Hosting after the year $15/month w/ Smooth Web Hosting (Free SSL & IP Address)


$ 60 .00/ mon
  • Monthly Website Audits
  • Sitemap.xml, Robots.txt and .Htaccess Files Updates
  • Add and Remove Pages
  • Add Calls to Action on Each Page
  • Content Management and Periodic updates


$ 125 .00/ mon
  • Setup Google Analytics / Google Search Console / Google Webmaster Tools
  • Meta Optimization - Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Keywords
  • Off Page Optimization - Link Building - Local Online Directory
  • Social Media: Help set up Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin Business Pages
  • Improve Page Speed

Additional Pages

$ 75 .00/ page
  • Price per page for any additional page


Capture your best image and overall tone you intend to project for prospective clients and colleagues. customized lighting and vignettes to highlight your best features. is how people will be introduced to you and your work. We produce memorable portraits for businessmen, entrepreneurs, scholars, scientists, artists, filmmakers, writers, musicians,authors and architects. I offer several different types of sessions. If you’re very comfortable with the camera, you may get everything you need from a one-hour session. But in general, if you’re serious about getting some range in your headshots, you probably need to book a two- or a three-hour session.

If you need to update your Website, Portfolio, or Business Card, our Professional Headshot Package is what you're looking for. Great for a variety of Professional purposes including LinkedIn, Resumes and Job Applications and takes just 30-Minutes to capture your new Professional Headshots. We’ll help you in posing, choosing the best backdrop color and lighting to get the best Headshots possible.

– Only clients over the age of 18.
– I don’t shoot on weekends.
– I only accept bookings from the person coming to the shoot. I don’t take bookings done on your behalf (by parents, guardians, partners, siblings etc). If you’re the one coming to the studio, you need to book it. You need to take full responsibility for yourself and the shoot from beginning to end. If someone else is paying, great, but you do the booking.
– Only one person at a time, no joint sessions. No parents/friends/dogs.
– When you book, you pay a deposit of $100. This is deducted from the full price of the session, but if you cancel or postpone less than five clear days before the appointed time, you forfeit your deposit.
I only accept bookings from clients who are fully vaccinated for Covid. You need to bring proof of vaccination to the session. I’m sorry if this is a problem, but it’s non-negotiable. This is for the safety of all persons entering my studio.

All sessions share the following:

– We will usually take a few hundred shots.
– The shots will be available online for review by the evening of the following day.
– You receive the finished, retouched images you order from me within 10 working days from the day you email me your choices (as long as your payment for them, if required, has been received).
– The retouched images are good to print and to submit to Backstage/Actors Access/IMDb.
– I keep the files for at least three years, so you can order more shots later on.


$ 250 .00
  • 30 min Session
  • One Studio Background (Fashion Grey)
  • One Outfit
  • Over 50 High Resolution Images
  • Two Day Delivery
  • One Retouched Images


$ 350 .00/
  • 60 min Session
  • Two Studio Background (Fashion Grey + White)
  • One Outfit
  • Over 100 High Resolution Images
  • Two Day Delivery
  • Four Retouched Images


$ 450 .00/
  • 120 min Session
  • Three Studio Background (Fashion Grey + White + Black)
  • Two Outfit
  • Over 200 High Resolution Images
  • Two Day Delivery
  • 10 Retouched Images


$ 25 .00/ image
  • $25 per extra image to be retouched
  • Removing imperfections or blemishes, hair flyaways, cleaning eyes, whitening teeth


  • Showcase your brand across various social media platforms with 6 to 12 months worth of video content.
  • Promote a product or service while telling a story about your company and why prospective customers should become your clients.
  • Increase online conversions with explainer videos designed to feature how your product/service solves a problem!
  • Give future clients a visual experience by posting multiple videos on your website. Most people will visit your website before buying from you. Adding video content to your site’s home page and various other pages is guaranteed to boost conversion rates and prompt a direct response.
  • Whether your project is a simple 1-camera shoot or a complex international video production, we ensure an enjoyable experience and a great finished product that everyone will be proud of. We handle every aspect of a project’s production from development to physical production to post-production. We have all the latest cameras and high-end video production equipment, and some of the most talented people in the world to operate it.

    From the video production skills to the marketing skills to the technical skill sets, we have everything required to deliver the final video product.

    While each production day brings a different mix of camera, equipment and personnel; our goal is to amortize the upfront cost of corporate video production and deliver the largest amount of usable content as possible for each shoot.

    Social Media Videos

    $ 750 .00
    • 4 hours of shooting
    • 1080P video shooting
    • Social Media, Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, Walmart, Ad Campaigns
    • Product details and engagement
    • Editing

    Event Video

    $ 1,550 .00
    • 8 hours of shooting (Additional days or hours are extra)
    • 1080P or 4K video shooting
    • Grip, Gaffer, etc.
    • Video Editing plus Revisions
    • Professional Sound Recording
    • Editing

    Music Video

    $ 2,750 .00
    • 8 hours of shooting (Additional days or hours are extra)
    • 1080P or 4K video shooting
    • Grip, Gaffer, etc.
    • Interveiwer
    • Video Editing plus Revisions
    • Light Gear
    • Professional Sound Recording