How ya doin'? Hollis bred Queens kid who listened to Genesis, Rush, and U2. Always with a camera (preferably Nikon), catching thoughts in images. Nerdy or Tech savvy but consistently twiddling on building a better PC rig. Along with my passion for building computers, I became interested in web development. I have developed several websites, including Teatro LATEA's. If you are a talent or a professional looking for a headshot or website, contact me here. Remember, I have New York roots with a commitment to diversity and respect for culture.

My inspiration for photography has always come from the people and history of New York. When I began with photography, I would walk the streets of New York for fun and people-watch. In college, I started lurking in the office of St. John's Yearbook. There I began to develop B&W film and better understand camera techniques. Also, around the same time, AOL chat rooms kept folks at home up until the morning hours. I started to engage myself with early website design software like dreamweaver. That led to learning HTML and CSS, which led to other languages like PHP and others.

If I captured your interest and you would like to try my services, you may contact me through the contact form found on this website. Visit my gallery to view my some of my work. To keep up to date with any with our informative blog please sign-up to our newsletter Thanks!